A Gift Before The Holidays

We are happy to offer custom key chains to our customers. This small gesture is our way of saying thank you for your business! Did I mention they are free? Well, one is free with any purchase. These hand crafted leather key chains are made from thick 7 to 8 oz. vegetable tanned leather by our in-house leatherworker. Stamped, dyed, and buffed with a protective finish, these riveted key fobs wont be falling apart anytime soon. Or ever. Pick your favorite today because these are only here for a limited time while supplies last!


Before and After

We are happy to announce our new Before and After section! Since the re-launch of our website, friends and family have given feedback to help us provide a welcoming and informative site that is easy to use. All suggestions have been considered and most of the ideas have been used. The best idea in my opinion is the before and after section.

Who doesn't like to see the Before and After pictures when a transformation takes place? Whether it's a home remodel, getting fit, construction, or just putting time and effort into anything, we all love the before and after pictures! It's physical proof that it was this, now it is that.

Anyone who sees Mt. Rushmore can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that went into its design but seeing a Before photo first might just create a whole different experience. Using dynamite, the mountainside exploded numerous times just to achieve the general form of the presidents that stand there today. This was way before sculpting their dignified faces. Do we just recognize it as an iconic American structure? I don't know but I want to see the Before pics!

We plan to provide many photos in this section although we are currently limited. Please check back often to see all the progress.


Car Season Is Coming!

I may be getting ahead of myself here, but car season is almost upon us and that gets me excited! This crazy Midwest weather has me thinking summer is just around the corner and it isn't even spring yet. Maybe the fact that the World of Wheels just hit Detroit, Milwaukee, and Chicago might have something to do with it. Getting out there to be seen with your ride and wanting to cruise sounds like a vacation to me! It is definitely safe to say I have the spring fever! If this is the year you hit the streets with something new, or upgraded, or freshly painted - I just want to say good luck with your builds and your reveals! I hope everyone has a blast showing off their rides!

New Shirts!

It is always nice to do something for yourself every once in a while! Everything we provide ends up going out the door and into the world for others to enjoy. This past holiday season we decided to gift new work shirts to ourselves! It is our way of patting us on the back and saying, "Good job to us!" Is that weird? Anyways, I would like to give a special shout out to Annie Gruber at Ink N Tees in Gurnee, IL for the quality work they do over there. Not only did she provide a great service, but also refilled a second order during the holiday season crunch time so we could gift some shirts to friends and family. Thanks again!

rods proof.png

Stock Options Available!

No, we aren't talking about investing in the stock market or planning a fancy retirement. Stock is the term we use to describe a vehicle that is completely original as the manufacturer developed it. As cars and trucks age throughout the years, fabrics get worn out. Whether it's cloth, vinyl, or leather, these materials end up stained, torn, faded, shrunk or stretched out. Restoring old and worn material to its stock condition is a great option.

Vinyl and leather shrink over time. Maybe you've seen split vinyl where no misuse was present. You could have seen a cloth interior stretch out, become saggy, and then tear. Headliners are a perfect example in older vehicles.  The ceiling inside of a vehicle is called a headliner, if you are unsure of the term.  When the material tends to sag over the years, it can really obstruct ones vision in the rear-view mirror. Check "saggy headliner" on Google images, for you visual learners out there. Thumbtacks won't work for long! The annoyance alone warrants the repair.

We emphasize our custom interiors, what most people don't know is we re-cover seats in newer vehicles all the time. Not everyone is restoring a classic. Sometimes all you need is the same thing, just newer and better than what you currently have. Many vehicles are not featured on our site due to being a simple stock restoration. It isn't as glamourous as a show car so far less photos are shot. We, ourselves at the shop, even treat these projects as less photo worthy. However, they are not and will not be treated any less significant. We don't add a photo for every project simply because there would be way too many.

Accidents happen. Kids can be destructive.  Maybe the only thing your car needs is a stock re-cover. We work these projects all the time. Lets face it, if you're reading this, you probably love your car (or wish you will someday). People are now keeping their cars for longer periods of time due to efficient technology and overall satisfaction on the road. When things break, we fix it. Getting rid of a vehicle you love is the last option in most cases. An armrest that scratches your skin can be annoying but don't ditch Daisy! Help is just up the road.



Welcome to Rod's Designs!

Hello and welcome to our What's New section of the website. This is a space specifically designed to let you know what we are up to at the shop. New projects are always coming in just as finished ones leave. Things are always changing and change is good! We capture the memories by taking pictures, and we take lots of pictures! We have to. Photos are all we have after these cars leave. It's kind of sad but it's all worth it when our customers love the outcome of our efforts.

We are happy to be back! After a years hiatus, Rod's Designs has a web presence again. Woo-Hoo! After letting the first website go and losing the domain name, we're back! We also got lucky by being able to get the original domain name. This wasn't always the case, at one point, someone bought our unused domain and tried to sell it back to us for a profit. Not cool, but here we are and no, we didn't end up buying what is rightfully ours.

We weren't completely out of the loop though. Our Facebook page, as well as Instagram is full of pictures and posts! We encourage you to visit those pages by clicking the Facebook and Instagram icons at the bottom of our homepage.

By visiting this section you will be informed of upcoming car shows, special events, and anything that's interesting around the shop. If you are already a customer, we may mention your vehicle. Check back soon to see our current projects!