Hello and welcome to our What's New section of the website. This is a space specifically designed to let you know what we are up to at the shop. New projects are always coming in just as finished ones leave. Things are always changing and change is good! We capture the memories by taking pictures, and we take lots of pictures! We have to. Photos are all we have after these cars leave. It's kind of sad but it's all worth it when our customers love the outcome of our efforts.

We are happy to be back! After a years hiatus, Rod's Designs has a web presence again. Woo-Hoo! After letting the first website go and losing the domain name, we're back! We also got lucky by being able to get the original domain name. This wasn't always the case, at one point, someone bought our unused domain and tried to sell it back to us for a profit. Not cool, but here we are and no, we didn't end up buying what is rightfully ours.

We weren't completely out of the loop though. Our Facebook page, as well as Instagram is full of pictures and posts! We encourage you to visit those pages by clicking the Facebook and Instagram icons at the bottom of our homepage.

By visiting this section you will be informed of upcoming car shows, special events, and anything that's interesting around the shop. If you are already a customer, we may mention your vehicle. Check back soon to see our current projects!