No, we aren't talking about investing in the stock market or planning a fancy retirement. Stock is the term we use to describe a vehicle that is completely original as the manufacturer developed it. As cars and trucks age throughout the years, fabrics get worn out. Whether it's cloth, vinyl, or leather, these materials end up stained, torn, faded, shrunk or stretched out. Restoring old and worn material to its stock condition is a great option.

Vinyl and leather shrink over time. Maybe you've seen split vinyl where no misuse was present. You could have seen a cloth interior stretch out, become saggy, and then tear. Headliners are a perfect example in older vehicles.  The ceiling inside of a vehicle is called a headliner, if you are unsure of the term.  When the material tends to sag over the years, it can really obstruct ones vision in the rear-view mirror. Check "saggy headliner" on Google images, for you visual learners out there. Thumbtacks won't work for long! The annoyance alone warrants the repair.

We emphasize our custom interiors, what most people don't know is we re-cover seats in newer vehicles all the time. Not everyone is restoring a classic. Sometimes all you need is the same thing, just newer and better than what you currently have. Many vehicles are not featured on our site due to being a simple stock restoration. It isn't as glamourous as a show car so far less photos are shot. We, ourselves at the shop, even treat these projects as less photo worthy. However, they are not and will not be treated any less significant. We don't add a photo for every project simply because there would be way too many.

Accidents happen. Kids can be destructive.  Maybe the only thing your car needs is a stock re-cover. We work these projects all the time. Lets face it, if you're reading this, you probably love your car (or wish you will someday). People are now keeping their cars for longer periods of time due to efficient technology and overall satisfaction on the road. When things break, we fix it. Getting rid of a vehicle you love is the last option in most cases. An armrest that scratches your skin can be annoying but don't ditch Daisy! Help is just up the road.