We are happy to announce our new Before and After section! Since the re-launch of our website, friends and family have given feedback to help us provide a welcoming and informative site that is easy to use. All suggestions have been considered and most of the ideas have been used. The best idea in my opinion is the before and after section.

Who doesn't like to see the Before and After pictures when a transformation takes place? Whether it's a home remodel, getting fit, construction, or just putting time and effort into anything, we all love the before and after pictures! It's physical proof that it was this, now it is that.

Anyone who sees Mt. Rushmore can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that went into its design but seeing a Before photo first might just create a whole different experience. Using dynamite, the mountainside exploded numerous times just to achieve the general form of the presidents that stand there today. This was way before sculpting their dignified faces. Do we just recognize it as an iconic American structure? I don't know but I want to see the Before pics!

We plan to provide many photos in this section although we are currently limited. Please check back often to see all the progress.